Pushback on Governor Hogan’s Refusal to take a stance on Hate Crimes in Maryland

The Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, has resisted speaking out on the racism and hate crimes that have happened in the state since the election. It’s a mis-step in a deeply Blue State. Yesterday, he made a statement to the Baltimore Sun, suggesting that Marylander’s “take a breath” and denied hearing about the many … Read more

Women Need to be Proactive about Birth Control

In the 1970’s women’s rights made great strides when “the pill” was introduced into general use. Finally, a way for women to control their fertility and make informed decisions about their own lives.  Because of this, younger women have grown up knowing that they can make choices on marriage, families and work that is best … Read more

Stop Trump from hiring Steve Bannon

After promising to be a President for all People, Donald Trump decided to appoint Steve Bannon, a white Nationalist who has run Breitbart, a web site devoted to racism, sexism and hatred to be his Senior Advisor. Wow, way to go Donald.  Carry the divisiveness and hatred from your campaign over to your presidency.   … Read more

How Did We Get Here? Hint Voter Suppression didn’t help

As of the time of this writing, the Popular vote in the 2016 election was 61,035,065 for Hillary Clinton and 60,367,210 for Donald Trump. Or to put it otherwise, while there are still votes being counted, Hillary has at least 667,855 votes more. The Electoral vote was 232 for Hillary Clinton and 290 for Donald … Read more